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still · 7/18/2015

LOVE this. Tossed out other bubble pop games I'd tried; this one is perfect for me and seriously addictive. Plus the bubble characters are so cute and funny, they make little faces, so Fun! Thanks!

Sandy · 7/18/2015

A couple levels are impossible to even complete 2 stars. I could easily complete all levels of 98% of the game, but no matter what strategy I used for a couple levels, I could never get passes 1 star. Very frustrating.

tedda · 7/6/2015

Challenging and endless

Ms. B. · 6/20/2015

Very nice, challenging game. I get stuck on a level often, and that's good. I do wish there were a few more details on how to play the game - what are the bonuses, suggested strategies and stuff like that. I'm not a "digital native", so I don't like to just shoot on the dark. On some levels, I don't find a pattern, suggesting that success is just luck. Overall, great game.

Andrew · 6/6/2015

Super addicting, great game play. Love it!

Jennifer · 7/24/2015

Couldn't figure out the points system.

rebecca · 12/28/2014

I was really enjoying beating this game until it deleted all my progress and told me to start over. Stupid game :-(

Lorna · 5/15/2014

FYI...might be a glitch in first sequence, level #4 . I get so far and it closes back to the selections, not cool! also level #8, I have stars completely done for every level in main sequence, but 4&8 won't let me select "next level", takes me back to "main". 4/14 just found a glitch in Star Fusion level #9, it has same problem... Fix these!! 4/16 I really like this game, but way to many bugs that you're not fixing... So I'm going to delete you..... 4/20 I can't believe the screw UPS are worse then before...really... Thought you just might fix them... Guess not 4/26, thought I'd try again, glitches still in 4&8. Really........ 5/15 finally maxed out your game! Add more levels please!!

Christos · 4/25/2015

Nice, progressively challenging and ads placed low and not intrusive.

User · 6/24/2015

Nice graphics and fun to play