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SebastianChi · 12/16/2010


PuNiSha · 12/10/2010

Cool game!

Erin · 2/1/2014

If you have played Bubble Town on any other device/PC, it is the same thing as this game on the phone. Don't listen about the poor graphics or poor controls from other reviewers. The point of the game is to aim! They probably think billiards are too hard in real life. ;-)

User · 12/14/2012

Horrible aiming system and poor graphics, I think ill pass.

PhQTwo · 7/7/2011

Pretty much what everyone else said, just plain horrible aiming mechanic. The ONLY thing this game has going for it is the easy 200 gamerscore.

Player842259051 · 3/3/2011

Improve the aiming of the canon, making it more fluid and precise, and this would a top notch and valuable game.

artistlabby · 2/19/2011

What are the complaints for?!?! You have the option of flicking the screen or double tapping to shoot the lobes. The game plays fine with more challenges and levels. Sure they could change the music but who cares? It's a great game and almost like the bb version.

GlenfordR · 12/13/2010

Cute but too easy.

BLQQDCQRE · 12/9/2010

Haha awesome! Simple, fun! Kind of sluggish, but fun for a great price. Keep the Xbox wp7 games coming. Some of these wp7 games are better than some of the regular xbl arcade titles out there, and for a great price! Thanks , I really enjoyed bubble town 2. Can't wait to unlock 200/200G out of this game. Thanks again.

User · 9/8/2013

Wonky controls last boss is glitchy... Pretty stupid game.


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