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Julia · 8/16/2015

This is a fun game!!! Enjoy it.

Ashlee · 8/22/2015

Fun little time waster

jill · 7/6/2015

A good brain game

Dezirae · 7/14/2015

Addicting and fun!!!

Warisha · 6/22/2015

This is a really cool game. Personally I love playing time management games, this is so smooth I am really enjoying. Great Job game developers who dont have any intention of making money in a nasty way...😃

Teresa · 7/15/2015

The gameplay is easy to understand and I like the visuals. I've only played 10 levels but so far it's a good game.

Stacy · 8/30/2015

It's an alright game for passing time but it is not something I will look forward to playing everyday.

Raxcental · 7/19/2015

Poor responsiveness. I tap on an item and half the time it doesn't select that item. Unplayable at high objective.

Khalilah · 5/26/2015

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cordell · 5/23/2015

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