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Ali · 8/8/2015
It wont run

hi this game is not woking on my laptop. please fix it. I love this game. after opening and game say: byebye brain, a white page appear and not entering the game. please fix it. thank you

han · 10/18/2013
nice, flux capacitor problem

1. problem, it didn't autosave sometime when on speedup 2. save successfully, but some character didn't shown up 3. between hordes only, so it going to take very2 long time . right now i'm on 200++ hordes on mall; apocalypse , and started very boring with this game. the flux capacitor will be better if we can leave it always on, until pressed. not insisted it must b this way. because I saw the 'credits' part. only small amount of great people make this game. Already impressive. so 4 star. Thx

Gilad · 8/25/2015
Was fun on Windows phone

The desktop version is very buggy, I hope for a speedy update

WaiTo · 8/14/2014
FIX THE VOLUME CONTROL!!!!! / Bug / crash

People that don't know press N to get to First Person (can't tilt the screen = no aim) and M to get back to the game mode I don't mind not being able to use first person shooter waste of Zs (game money) 1 Zallor for 1 bullet to damage the zombie 85%-100% well you do get free ammo at the beginning of the map. but I don't rely on them. That being said please FIX THE VOLUME CONTROL. it crashes =/ if you get lucky the game will let you continue but if you're unlucky the game might just stop and you have to restart. Also a bug of disappearing units. when you minimize the game and come back some of your units are invisible. those invisible units will prevent you from upgrading other units until you've replaced them. (sell and buy new ones) even if they happened to be nerds frankly its a waste of Zs since the payout is about half of what you've spent.

Tim · 5/10/2014
Great game!

Absolutely awesome game; well made, tons of fun, and doesn't cost a dime. Would REALLY love to see some new boards but can't give it anything but 5 stars for hitting all the major criteria. Nice work.

Danny · 4/18/2014

Not too bad of a game, some really cool features. Crashes far too often though, and the game isn't quite good enough to forgive for that.

Chuck · 10/14/2013

At first it seemed cool, but the levels take FOREVER. So 1 mission took me a week to complete. Also, I was at level 49/50 of the first mission, and the game crashed. ALL OF MY PROGRESS DISAPEARED!! I quickly uninstalled, and was mad as h*ll. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME, ALL YOUR PROGRESS WILL BE WIPED OUT.

Valera · 8/8/2013
Bad auto-saves

Good game. But real minus: crashes and no auto-save before crash. Recommendation from me: NO. I used version

Nina · 7/21/2013
A Bit Disappointed

This game looked like a lot of fun until I realized that it was made for tablets and iPhones instead of for laptops. In the menu, there is no instructional video or tutorial on how to play, unless you button mash on your laptop (how I did) or go to the computer settings while in the main menu of the game, where the instructions are found. If this game was meant for tablets and iPhones, the Microsoft store should have said so b/c some of the features are only accessible with those devices.

Hassan · 6/20/2013
Good but crashes alotttt

Good concept and great fun factor but the app crashes every time i play it. Sad.


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