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What's new: 1. New Legendary Gladiator: Guan Yu - A famous general from late Eastern Han Dynasty,Three Kingdoms period, help the Royal family of Han Dynasty build the empire, honored as "Wu Sheng". 2. New Legendary Gladiator: miyamoto musashi - Recognized as the first Japanese ancient swordsman, with Sasaki Kojiro final battle to fame. 3. Added new talents 4. Optimized daily contest and underground tournament rewards interface 5. Fixed Lots of Bugs

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User · 6/11/2015

This game is awesome!play this game for a few days and you'll be hooked.if they make it so the leads could chat with each other alone I will give it 5 stars.

Gino · 5/16/2015

Very fun & enjoyable

User · 2/24/2015

Game sucks

Thomas · 10/3/2014

Update problems again. This time its been down for a week :-(

Kenneth · 2/23/2014

I've wasted so many gems over miss clicks. There needs to be a confirmation of some sort.

Kurt · 2/19/2014

Its great, but sometimes I accidentally press a button to spend my crystals, so if you could put a confirmation window after we press the first button, that would be great

Dan · 5/26/2015

Played for 20min so far, game has some great concepts, decent gameplay, nice art, definitely worth playing more of to see where this goes

Rad · 7/26/2015

Super fun and not as costly as total conquerer. Awesome game

Jasen · 3/25/2015

As of 8/5/14, I've been playing this game for about a week. I really enjoy it. You DO get picked on a bit by higher level players, but it doesn't take all the fun out of the game. But please, DEVELOPERS, pay attention to your reviews. There are a few bugs that need to be worked out. Good game at the end of the day though. Update 1/12/15 - With each update, the game gets even better. Awesome job developers. Definite download.

Kris · 3/21/2015

First off, it's a game with Microtransactions that you actually DON'T need to buy to play the game and stay competitive. They actually give you enough quest rewards that you can play the game FREE and have fun. Their is a campaign as well as several modes of online play. As first, when I started playing the game, I was getting owned by everyone. It was a little frustrating. However now, that my characters are leveled better, I am able to fend off a good majority of the attacks. Over. Had no freezes or crashes yet. Very fluid and fun. I wish it was an Xbox title, but it's not. Give it a try. (T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 925) ----UPDATE:---- (02/04/2014) Dropped to one star because after update, it doesn't work. ----UPDATE---- As of 09/2014 update, unplayable. And they fixed it, fun again ----UPDATE---- As of 03/21/2015 the devs still update the game constantly and keep it fresh and fun.