• Intense combat action with lots of tactical options
  • Make clever use of your shield
  • Lead your team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents
  • Call on The Avengers for support
  • Face iconic Marvel villains

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Reviewer 9124 · 7/23/2015
Thanks for making it free!

It's a really fun game. It requires strategy and planning, and the graphics are really fantastic. It's best when your tablet or computer has a good WiFi connection or a better processor.

Cody · 7/7/2015

Its a very fun game, but it doesn't always work. Sometimes when I go to the main menu it shows just the background, not the menu.

Khuong · 8/19/2014
Mouse can't click

In the main screen, my mouse can't click any button (Play, Shop, HQ...)

Uziah · 8/10/2014
it would be good

it could get a 5 star if I could get past the the turotial but the app freezes on my pc and my surface rt

Jared · 6/12/2014
Connection required?

I've only made it through the first board, but so far it looks like the game has nothing to do with the Winter Soldier movie. Also, I would play it more, but my only chance to play games is when I'm on the bus and don't have a network connection, and the game refuses to load without a network connection. I don't know why, the game play doesn't seem to do any interactions on the network.

Reviewer 0690 · 5/16/2015
Captain stuck!

What a lousy piece of work this is. Starts out okay if you like playing with cartoons that is but no matter, you wont get far before it locks up and you have to use task manager to shut it down. Not very user friendly

Reviewer 5666 · 4/25/2015
bad experience

the game looked too attractive, addictive and I am a big fan of the avengers and especially captain America but when I downloaded the game started playing it never opened and always stopped or became unresponsive while connecting although the network is always working correctly. I request the makers to tell me a solution to my query or fix it as I am very eager to play this fascinating and awesome game.

Michael · 4/17/2015

The loud time is bad and the sound stopped playing but it is fun

Joshua · 3/6/2015

The graphics and performance are acceptable, the music is fantastic, and who doesn't like the Cap'?! On the negative side, some features are not well-explained. In addition, it is possible to get stuck without any ability to complete the game. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it!

Reviewer 7399 · 2/13/2015

ARENA doesn't work on Win 8. Not sure if it does accessing game from from other Aps. Camera does a decent job in the game but it's easy to have an enemy off screen behind you pinging away and you can't see them.

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