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W · 5/16/2014

Crashes too often. Single tap on checkmark sometimes skips follower placement. Online play does not work; connection keeps erroring out. Good game mechanics but buggy as $hit. How about a refund Microsoft?

John · 5/7/2014

More expansions please, otherwise a good adaptation of am awesome board game.

Matt · 4/19/2014

The single player is fun and murderously challenging at times. The only problem is that the multiplayer could use an update since it can be slow or not work at all sometimes

Ryan · 4/19/2014

Lots of fun! Nice graphics and music. It is a bit buggy though, and I'm disappointed in the lack of updates. I also can't get online play to work. If not for these, I'd give 5 stars.

Mike · 4/19/2014

Ai could be more difficult, but it captures the board game perfectly.

Tasha · 3/22/2014

Carcassonne is a great, classic board game, which the Windows store is in dire need of more!!

Kris Meister · 3/22/2014

I can only finish a game 1 out of 10 times, it always freezes!!

Andy · 3/18/2014

One more thing, do not drag and drop the tiles to the squares. It doesn't scale well and you have to zoom out frequently. Just tap the square where you want the tile to go and it will go there. I was really annoyed with the game until I figured this out.

Paul L · 3/12/2014

For Me Fantastic and addicting, Not as Good as Xbox360 Edition but has a few fun but relatively small few, options not available on 360, biggest downfall is this game, drains the battery life extremely Fast, and makes the phone heat up, to nearly so hot that it burns your hands while playing.

Andrew · 2/3/2014

This implementation of Carcassonne essentially does just enough right to make me, a fan of the actual table top game, satisfied with getting a little bit of that experience on my phone. That being said, the app does come up lacking in several areas. As others have said, it's a bit buggy and does routinely crash as final scoring starts. Dragging and dropping tiles is buggy to the point of just not being something I even try anymore. I have also noticed that this app does not get the rules quite right on some of the finer points (mostly concerning the river). One last thing: other people have been saying that it doesn't work on the Lumia 521. It seems like this is not universal as I have been able to play it successfully on mine (other than the routine crashes).


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