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Reviewer 4543 · 8/25/2015

Fun, strategic and addicting!

James · 8/10/2015
Decent Catan,, Room to improve.

Overall you have all the mechanics you would expect, except maybe an "refuse all offers until the end of the turn" button, or a make an offer trade mechanism. The game is still buggy though as it usually 'forgets' I've paid for it and it is not optimized for power efficiency. My surface pro 2 is red hot with full fan on after I have been playing for a while and uses battery the way I would expect a graphically-intense, non-casual game would.

Jamie · 8/3/2015
Fun, but play free until improvements are made

An infinitely playable game that is great if no other platforms (including board game) or players are available. I purchased it after playing the demo for a long time, but it is essentially a freeware situation: You pay to reward the developers and unlock a couple of negligible features, along with the ability to purchase expensive add-ins. The following things are lacking or need fixing: * No online multiplayer ability (hotseat multiplayer feature doesn't work well w/ a widescreen because players are on a fixed side of screen) * Game crashes frequently or goes to a black screen if you minimize it or switch applications (especially bad in Windows 10) * Some game elements require multiple touches for game to register input (roads in particular) * App overtaxes processor (fan going constantly) unless Windows is in a power saver mode, but then game is not as stable * No Windows Phone version * This version is not anywhere near on par w/ iOS or Android versions

Reviewer 5135 · 8/4/2015
Like the Game

Really like this app, but have not been able to get the online version to work on either of the devices its installed on. Other than that, very true to the original board game and the optional versions are nice too

Reviewer 9981 · 7/16/2015
Fun Game

It's a fun game! It's a lot like the board, which I enjoy. I wish they would have told me before buying it that I would have to pay an additional sum to be able to play campaign. Update: I bought the sea expansion and reached the 6th level for the campaign, which now crashes every time I try to open it. I'm honestly really disappointed. I was quite liking the game and spent money on it. Fix all the crashes or give people their money back. *Rate lowered from 4/5 to 2/5*

Reviewer 1070 · 8/16/2015
Please fix glitch

Fun game except there is a glitch in trading. Often arises when two real people play two computer.

Reviewer 3573 · 7/28/2015
Excellent Game - Missing some key features

Catan in any form is a great game. The Windows port is missing online play, which Android and Apple both seem to have (cross compatible). For a pay app, I would expect it to be on par with its siblings.

Reviewer 6843 · 8/5/2015
If only...

Like the game but this Windows version (8?) seems to have lost some of the functionality of the previous Windows version - less sea farer options, no comments from the opponents when trying to trade, and more. Please add those so I can rate this higher!

Tony · 8/25/2015
Good game, not so good implementation

Crashes frequently, doesn't preserve scenario settings, paying doesn't unlock campaign. uses 100% CPU on windows 10

Michelle · 8/14/2015
great app!

I love this game and happy with the way the app functions.



  • Original "Settlers of Catan" rule set
  • Developed in collaboration with Catan designer Klaus Teuber
  • Multi-User game on one tablet with customized UI
  • 10 Smart computer opponents with individual strategies
  • 2 different graphic modes to choose from
  • Freely combinable game settings
  • Situation-related music and sound effects
  • Comprehensive Tutorial and Catan Almanac

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- Fixed issues when purchasing or restoring the Cities and Knights expansion - Various smaller optimizations

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