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Scott · 8/2/2015
Nice but a little buggy

Could be better, nice interface

kody · 7/29/2015

Don't buy

Timothy · 12/30/2014

Needs to stop forced moved even when it is unchecked in options

Sherwin · 5/30/2014
Too many bugs

The 'Impossible' level times out when it has to think too long, or when I have the advantage and am about to win. The game just shut off several times on me for no apparent reason. And it only seems to happen when I'm ahead. The "computer" seems to have an ego. LOL

David F. · 8/8/2015
Actually good

Unlike other checkers games, it don't force you to jump the other player when that move is there.

Daphne · 8/25/2015
Checkers Pro

it is a very cool game to play I love playing it

J.A. · 8/17/2015
Impossible to lose

The computer is so dumb, it basically makes it impossible for anyone to lose. I have intentionally made bad moves and still end up winning.

Vanessa · 2/27/2015

It's great if you don't mind having a VERY annoying set of training wheels all the time. I'm great at checkers and the only person that's ever beaten me is my cousin who I trained myself. This app wouldn't let me strategize, instead it forces me to make a move. If there is an open space in front of me it won't let me move other pieces. :/

Cody · 12/25/2014

Truly challenging levels, even for pros, unlike most checkers games.

User · 9/16/2014

Great game good time killer and thinking game



  • Great for beginners
  • Very strong AI for advanced players: play vs 'Grok' Level 8
  • Online leaderboard
  • Uses English rules: 8x8 board, no flying kings

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