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Brad · 7/27/2015

Great, useful, totally addicted for months.

william · 7/21/2015

Great game to pass the time

User · 7/29/2015

Great game.there aren't any problems finding good opponents ,it's convenient,it allows you to chat with the person you are playing with,and it finds opponents really quick.

Ethan · 7/23/2015

This is by far the best chess app ever. I like the match-making and the plan ahead feature.

Gleb · 7/8/2015

Would be better if opponent were given only a day to respond instead of 5. Otherwise, the functionality is great.

robin · 7/22/2015

Time limit for a players response should be two days, that's all it needs.

امیر · 5/26/2015

Very good. Really enjoyed it. Found some friends. The concept that you can resume anytime is awesome. My suggestion: 1. Make the tile transparent. 2. Some new chess skins would be awesome. Look at ubi's chesmaster's 2d boards. Would be fun to have them.

Sergey · 7/7/2015

Ver good app. Sometimes tile does not refresh

Garrett · 12/16/2014

I would give this game 0 stars if I could. Most players who are losing will stop making moves or take a long time (days even) to make a move just so you forget that you are playing the game. They will only move when they are about to forfeit just so that when you do forget about the game, you will end up forfeiting instead. Not everyone is has the time to babysit a chess match for several days to ensure that your opponent will not stoop to such low tactics.

Nick · 6/24/2014

This app has an ad that looks like it's part of the UI, thus tricking a user onto tapping on it. Not cool.