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User · 7/7/2013

Opened up the app. Needs my Microsoft account. Then asks if it can access my $hit. Uninstall

Michele · 5/3/2013

Challenging...love it

Chanse · 4/22/2013

Fun game. Wish I could play it in Airplane mode.

Crystal · 2/23/2013

Will skip letters and nit let you solve the puzzle...other than that, ok game

Vwray · 8/11/2012

No good. Confusing. Lacking. Poor execution. Top to bottom bad. Seemed like it could have been a decent game but the concept having potential does not excuse what cane-off as a "thrown together" game. From the annoying music (they should have used only the first softer music and used something different during play that's not so stressing), to the lack of options (throughout the entire game: I never found settings, the professors words were TINY, if I didn't know an answer, etc), this game was, for me, a total waste of time. It felt like a game that either the creator is a novice, this was a "shot-gun" creation (the boss says, "get me something NOW!"), or a game that just wasn't cared about. I truly hate to be so brutally honest. How much effort goes in shows! That you cannot hide! Sorry. -Wraybaby

User · 11/4/2014

Love It!

RAU · 9/1/2014

Great game !

Daniel · 11/22/2014

let me play without registering please

Manoj · 8/5/2013

Simply great

Barbara · 5/5/2013

Kinda confusing at first, but fun.


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