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Martha · 7/14/2015

I got this when it came out and I still play it regularly. However, it's gotten a little laggy lately. Any ideas as to why? 5/14/15: And now I've lost all the progress I've made on each ruler. What just happened? 7/14/14: It constantly runs hot, lags, and has lost my progress on each ruler AGAIN. Let me guess: It isn't being supported any more. Well, nuts to you, too, 2K & Firaxis.

Michael · 6/14/2015

Awsome time killer

User · 6/20/2015

Great time killer

Mitch · 7/13/2015

Absolute best game I have ever played on mobile. It is completely worth the three dollars, and even more. One thing they should add though- While using an ICBM, you should be able to go near the edge of the screen so you can attack anywhere on the map.

Josh · 7/3/2015

It's Civilization, on the phone! Great game, definitely worth the price considering the hours of fun I've gotten out of it.

Justin · 7/8/2015

I purchased the full version and I have to pay for it again?! Bogus.

ben · 3/23/2015

i purchased this game . and now every time i click the game says loading then the screen goes right back to previous screen . i am upset . i will love to try to play it . after all i did purchase it . please help me on how to get this game working so i can change the star rating . until then you get a one star rating . PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME .!!!!

Nikolai · 6/24/2015

One of the best games on the market. If you've played Civilization before, this game is the simplest port. It offers the same challenge and replayability that the console/PC iterations of Civ offer. Get it. You won't be disappointed.

Cole · 4/9/2015

Really great game but to confusing control's I've adjusted to them but its hard for new players exexpially new player that haven't played comp or console so make it a little more funner by making it easier than now

Brian · 4/2/2015

Can't stop playing. It does have a clicking sound when the volume is down. It's awesome otherwise.