• works on desktops and tablets, including ARM CPUs
  • no unneeded features, no custom weird card images
  • draw one or draw three modes
  • standard and Vegas scoring
  • double tap moves card to aces
  • jumping victory cards
  • different width modes
  • carefuly redrawn custom decks similar to old ones

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Version Notes

- new feature: automatic moves - added card return animation - major performance boost - misc changes

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448 ratings

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Reviewer 5192 · 7/30/2015
XP like

It closely resembles the classic solitare I played in xp. However, I have settled on Ms Solitare collection and therefore have not installed it again.

Carolyn · 7/30/2015
classic solitaire free

I have always loved to play classic solitaire and I rate this game a 5.

Reviewer 2329 · 6/12/2015
sucks. ad bar is incredibly annoying.

in an effort to turn everything on the internet into what television has become, the producer of this product saw fit to insert an AD BAR at the bottom of the screen which changes constantly, "freezing" the game momentarily when it changes. (this is on a brand new machine with super-fast processor.) like Windows 8, "new and improved" it is not; it's just different and annoying.

Reviewer 4926 · 7/25/2015
The true Windows Solitaire

Microsoft screwed up Solitaire in Windows 7 even though they stated they never touched it. I still have the Window 3.1 sol file that I run on my Win 7 machine. The only thing missing is the right click feature to send available cards up to the top.

Frank · 3/1/2015

Good game. I enjoyed it for awhile. Now I have done something to the computer and can no longer play the game. I miss it.

Robert · 9/9/2014

Best solitaire app. Just like the original Microsoft version! Works well on my Dell Venue 8 Pro

Anthony · 3/6/2014
The Classic is Back!

And As Addictive as Ever! The Ever Changing Advertising Area at the bottom Could get Annoying for Tired eyes However, That's Why This APP Has Permission to Access Your Internet Connection, Will it work Without that Connection Remains to be Seen, I Will Research that Angle and Report Back To Y'ALL!

Edward · 12/21/2013
Classic Solitaire

This is my favorite of all the different types of solitaire. I find that this relaxes my mind and I play for hours.

Chuck · 8/27/2013
Terrible experience

The metro interface is horrid for card games; calling it "windows" is misnamed. No shortcuts that I can find (eg, when the game is over and you've won, you must click every card). Hateful compared to the older Solitaire that came with Windows 7.

Fouad · 1/13/2013

I like this game because keep the brain actif

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