• Sneak into Hochwald Castle as Dr. Ink, alongside his faithful companion Matthew
  • Rich, unique steampunk setting
  • Mechanical crow Matthew is player’s sidekick
  • 38 beautiful, hand-drawn locations
  • Thrilling detective story with action elements
  • Diverse adventure gameplay: flying on glider, impersonating a soldier, defeating mechanical creatures

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Reviewer 7002 · 6/22/2015
Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink

Good graphics for this type of game. Plenty of reasonably challenging puzzles. I would want to play another game by this maker.

Reviewer 9525 · 6/14/2015
Clockwork Tales

AT this point I would rate it higher than 4, but I've only begun. At first I had a problem understanding what to do on puzzles. I'll keep at it.

Reviewer 4627 · 5/31/2015
solid buy

cool story, fun puzzles, great artwork.

Reviewer 2652 · 6/6/2015
clockwork tales

great game with great graphics. lot of fun to play.

Christina · 5/11/2015
Love these games

Playing a steampunk spy is fun. As always, it's a beautiful and creative environment but one of the timeless ones. (Which I love!) Sidekick Mathew is great, really handy. I particularly love the "Nightmares From the Deep" and "Grim" series, so that gives you a reference for my tastes. Hope this helps you decide!

Reviewer 8171 · 5/23/2015

This game is too mechanical. Too complicated. The parts are too small.

Toye · 11/11/2014
Clockwork Tales: Of glass and ink

A very short game not worth the money.

Lisa · 9/21/2014
Clockw(ork Tales: Of Glass and Ink

wish I had my money back. Hate this game.

D · 5/8/2014

Locks up and causes player to start new game, expected more from a game you have to pay for

Rett · 4/21/2014
Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink

Didn't care for this one. It was way to short for the money, too much money! The hidden objects weren't very hidden. The graphics were great but the game play was not.

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