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Reviewer 8653 · 8/29/2015
its alright

Its obviously not the best game ever and could use some improvements but it helps pass the time

Sandy · 8/30/2015
Great game

It reminds me of Clash of Clans but much better! I love it!

Lori · 8/28/2015
Fun addictive easy

Just started this little game and having a blast so far .normal games make you pay to get your diamonds or coins or pearls .. this game actually has it set up that you can win them during game play while playing Quest .. I love the game

marvin john · 8/26/2015

Addictive and fun

Reviewer 7465 · 8/31/2015
love it

Fun and addicted

Catalin · 8/27/2015

Very nice game,addictive.

ryan · 8/28/2015

Reminds of clash of clans

Reviewer 9974 · 8/20/2015
Fantastic Adictive game

Really a addictive game. little bit of improved graphics would be better

Reviewer 2144 · 8/31/2015
Very Ongoing

I enjoy this game so far and am glad that I have chose to download it.

Tyiarra · 8/18/2015
Cute, Fun, Lovable!

This game has everything you want in an app game. Its cute graphics are full of fun animations. Build a base, defend it, and raid the other Cloud Bases! Gain Valor and compete for a spot on the Leaderboard. Its my new daily grind game!! *Thumbs up!!*



  • Millions of strategies, but just one goal: Grab the other guy's loot!
  • Form clans and fight for global dominance! Battle your way to ranked-PvP glory!
  • Charge through an epic campaign across Floating Fortresses, Pirate Rafts, and other exciting airborne battles!
  • Pit your army against legendary bosses and pirate overlords! Rumor has it giant golems roam the cloud forests, but those are just tall-tales... right?
  • Summon powerful new units every week to fight by your side!
  • Protect your base with powerful cannons, cunning traps and other fortifications! Rally your troops from their bunkers to meet your attackers head on!
  • Unlock the full potential of your warriors, spells and heroes by upgrading them in the laboratory!
  • Brew your own buffs to get an edge on the battlefield! Just don’t let your bombardiers near the brewery... that’s an accident just waiting to happen!
  • Call in devastating cannon salvos from your Battle Carrier! Unlock new ammo upgrades to obliterate your opponents!

App details

Version notes

Version 7.0 is here! Stronghold 10, a new troop type, towers and a few surprises along the way: * Stronghold Level 10: The floodgates are open! Upgrade your Stronghold to level 10 before anyone else and enjoy a whole new set of deadly contraptions! Dragon Tower, Poison Barrels, the indomitable Gauntlet and dozens of dangerous upgrades await! Put those clouds to good use, Captain. * New Level Cap: Level cap raised to 160! Actually, hang on... let's make that 180! * Gauntlet : The strangest troop to arrive in the clouds yet... immense damage, incredible toughness and a strange charisma makes him one of the most dangerous troops ever to set foot on the airborne archipelago! * Dragon Tower: The Builders Guild™ has cooked up a fire-breathing, lava-spewing bbq-grilling tower. It takes a while to warm up, but the damage output is colossal. Also doubles as a hog-grill for summertime troop rallies. * Poison Barrel: Drop this barrel to create a pool of deadly poison on the battlefield. Anyone stepping in it will receive continuous poison damage! Aa-a-and some more Cool Improvements: * Updated News Hub: Now you can earn daily rewards through the News Hub. Check it out and claim your FREE Diamonds! Today and every day! Forever and ever! * Fully Redesigned Inventory: We completely redesigned the inventory to be more convenient as you store and manage your stuff! No more pain in the aft as you try to find your Nature Blessing! You can easily find and sort exactly what you need.

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