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Jason · 5/18/2015

As a fan of the old choose your adventure books/rpgs from the 1980s, and being a history buff, this game was right up my alley. Great way to spend some time. Too bad the developers didn't release some more games in this vein.

Daniel · 12/23/2014

I thought king of dragon pass was amazing this is cheaper and ten times better I love this game

User · 10/29/2014

A fun adventure that fans of "old-school" text adventurers will surely enjoy. Simple game play, tough decisions, and a random adventure in every play through, there is plenty to do and have fun with. The problem is with extensive exploration. As I said before, it is a different game every time. However, you'll find much of the game to be rather tedious in some instances. You could be wandering aimlessly for several minutes and finally discover something to do that takes you to the other side of the map. Not a problem for fans of classic adventure games, but for younger players, you might just enjoy the tutorial campaign and not even touch the next one due to its size. Also the sound will come on every few minutes even while the volume is 0. A minor setback to the game, but all combined knocks one star off.

eric · 4/23/2014

Great game loved it but is abit short if they added a continuation of the game it be golden it is definitely worth a $

User · 2/14/2014

Most enjoyable mobile app game I've played.

Rich · 10/17/2013

Extremely well made, easy to learn, very immersive, even for more than one play through. Would love to see new campaigns in different parts of the New World. Texas, Central and South America. There are a lot of other civilizations that deserve to be brought to life like the Aztecs have. Excellent game. Easy 5 stars.

User · 6/21/2013

Great. I truly enjoyed the gameplay, and the soundtrack truly sets the atmosphere, making the player feel he is the conquistador exploring a foreign, exotic land. More updates and scenarios please. Also, I would love to play one set in sengoku-era Japan, if you ever decide to make another one like this.

Seth · 12/1/2012

A well-realized roleplaying experience with great graphics and music, but the menus aren't very touch-friendly. Unfortunate that most of the art is used and reused with such frequency, but the writing is generally good enough to encourage the imagination.

winjohn · 5/16/2012

I really enjoy this game. Spend a few minutes playing and you start to get pulled into the story. Reminds me of choose your own adventure books I read as a kid.

anthony · 1/3/2015

Not interesting, but ok for a 20 min game.


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