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User · 10/5/2013

Very Addicting!

Daniel · 9/1/2013

Having trouble loading levels... Game keeps shutting down... Other than that.. I was having fun with it

Ray · 3/28/2013

I think the game is okay, not great. As it stands right now. The grind to get a better weapon than the very weak pistol is a real sticking point. 300 kills and $5k, really? The doctors on the first board absorb over 15 shots EACH before they go down. I know the timer is short, but you're pretty much screwed for the first few hours of gameplay with such a massive hill to climb. It doesn't help that you can't even get close to a headshot on the top row, it's too far up to get there and your character can't fly that high. The game has huge promise, it would clearly be fun to play, but the hill to climb at the beginning is far too steep, and I have enough games that I have to grind through to get anything like a decent weapon. I put this down simply because getting ~$250 or so per board and only 10 or so kills is frustrating. Getting to 500 kills and $5k simply isn't something I want to spend 45-60 minutes on just to have a chance. I'll keep it around an hope for some updates, it looks very very promising!

Bret · 3/24/2013

I can't believe you put so much time and effort into development of a game, created decent graphics, and totally screwed the pooch on the rest of everything that matters. Way to go guys! You blew it...

Faisal · 3/23/2013

Don't expect much from the game. Has,good graphics,but the,game,play,sucks..

isaiah · 3/14/2013

The game is pretty decent, but it needs background music. Without background music the game is dry.

Gregory · 6/2/2013

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooofun. I love it. Please make more games. It is awesome. I would recommend it.Fix crash on 620. Give more cheap and strong guns with in game cash.

arthur · 5/17/2013

It gets four stars because it is a pretty cool game but it always exits right after I complete a mission

jochy · 8/21/2013

Upgrade and armory does not work!!

phillip · 1/9/2014

Stealing music from final fantasy 7 shame. Besides that the game sucks


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