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kumalo · 3/31/2014

I could not play it

Carlos · 11/13/2013
Got It On Xbox But I Need To Buy It Now!?

I Got This Game On Xbox For Free And This Version I Have To Pay For It!? FIX THIS NOW!!!

Flavius · 7/28/2013
POOR performance on Atom!

Gets maybe 15 FPS on Atom tablets making it hard to play.

Mark · 7/2/2013
Nice game, doesn't work on Windows 8.1

Please fix so that this works on Windows 8.1!!!!!

Daisy · 6/12/2013
cool game

its not really what I wanted but just saying wipeout is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better !!!

Steve · 4/24/2013
What ?

With All the talented programmers, and technology, it amazes me how bad the graphics are in most of the apps. Come on guys, you can do better. I'm looking for console like graphics. Is that too much to ask for? Smooth out the graphics, ie take the chunks out... and I'll reinstall the game. Having only played one game I think it could be a winner. That said, I didn't pay $1400 for high end Dell computer to play a game with 1960 era graphics.

Ja??in · 3/13/2014
Awesome Game \(^_^)/

This game reminds me wipe out tv show from abc 7 channel x3

Antoinette · 10/3/2013
Other Players Where?

Without others on Leader board your always the winner. Only way to find friends is to go through the review list!

Karan · 8/30/2013
Way to gooo

Clearly Awesome. Won't mind paying for it too :)

Dan · 8/5/2013
Great fun and very easy to use

Crash Course Go! delivers everything it aims to - a short and fun experience that is very user friendly. I enjoyed the game greatly and can't wait for the sequel to come to Xbox Games for Windows!



  • Winner of the Unlock Xbox competition and with over 4 million worldwide downloads, Doritos Crash Course arrives on Windows 8 to take its swift and intense levels on the go!
  • Play through 25 exciting platformer levels across 5 different locations
  • Control your XBOX Avatar in fast-paced, funny, obstacle courses
  • Compete against your friends and family to get the best time on the leaderboards!
  • Race along the original Doritos Crash Course tracks and also the ones introduced on Doritos Crash Cource City Lights
  • Play the way you want to! Beat your new records by either touch screen, keyboard or gamepad
  • By storing your progress on the cloud, you can continue playing Doritos Crash Course Go on your peferred Windows 8 device
  • Challenge yourself into collecting all achievements, medals and records on each one of the game levels

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