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Reviewer 7169 · 5/29/2015
I guess when......

I guess when a game offers levels of difficulty, it has to deal accordingly. However, it would be better if the computer was just better at figuring the odds of getting the right card on the cut. Maddening and addictive all in one package. Cribbage is such a good game, I would rather be beat fairly by a skilled player than receive a bunch of cards that will get 4 points while the computer scores another 12 to 16 ..... hand after hand.

Reviewer 1692 · 7/7/2015

It's OK. When you win 90+% of the time even on hard setting, m-eh.. For free, ok.

Caitlyn · 2/27/2015

learning a lot about this game. and there is no slowing down or anything but, the easy level is a little hard I think.

Garrett · 11/9/2013
Finally A Cribbage Game That Does Not Cheat

One of the only games I've downloaded that really have the AI player get better the harder you make it. Unlike most that just keep giving the computer the best hands. Would be better if it would show the correct hand when doing the explanation. Since my daughter uses this to practice when I can't play. Fix that and I will rerate with 5 stars. Also if you could make the games continue with the looser having to go first instead of having to redraw each time.

Trisha · 9/12/2013
Love it!

I love this app. Super addicting and fun to use.

Danny · 5/19/2013
Fun, but ad placement sucks

Constantly hitting the huge ads at the bottom the screen and getting routed to a video or the MS store....annoying!!!

t8ntlikly · 7/8/2015
Not too bad WTH? Can't turn off the hints and all

I love to play cribbage and this app serves that purpose. One thing though is the app inserted itself on my start screen WTH ?

Terry · 8/19/2015
crib at it's best

the best crib game available. layout and everything about it,

Julie · 10/25/2014

Thank you for the game apps. I am a great player. If you have scrabble I am interested.

Russel · 2/15/2014

Animation is lackluster, game counts muggings where none exist or doesn't count muggings when they do. Disappointing.



  • Face off against the easy, medium, hard, or expert AI
  • Automatic and manual card counting options
  • Play muggings and steal points from your opponent
  • See detailed breakdowns of the points scored in a hand with the explain button
  • Ask for hints for strategic tips from the expert AI
  • Detailed statistics

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This update includes support for Windows 8.1 as well as several bug fixes based on your feedback. Thanks for your feedback! ____________________________________________ Follow us online for news and sneak previews: Facebook.com/TrivialTech Twitter.com/TrivialTech

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