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Edward Julian · 7/5/2015

Doesn't even open on my lumia 820. Thank God for having a trial version.

David · 8/29/2014

Repetitive and boring. The worst part is gem rewards for GPS check in stops after you receive couple of hundred gems. To unlock all the skills will cost hundreds of dollars in real money, maybe even over a thousand. I will never buy another game from this developer

kit · 7/23/2014

Way to short, 5 levels that take less than an hour to beat in story mode. Story is lame too.

Robin · 11/27/2013

Too short for a buck (5 Levels? really?) Seriously, I pay for the game but still have to pay more for the gems?

Divine · 9/7/2013

Too short was very disappointed considering I was getting into the game 😒 like seriously, u killed my joy

mehdi · 4/10/2015

Its reminds me panzer dragon and Sega Saturn era , awesome!

Joe · 1/2/2015

Nice game concept but the story is way too short and easy. It should be a free game on windows phones and made longer.

Josh · 7/14/2014

Fantastic exclusive title. Should be on every windows phone. Between 200 achievement points to unlock, avatar items, quick pick up and play and easy learning curve. I only wish that this title saw alot more advertisement as it deserves a purchase!

Arturo · 5/11/2014

Awesome, fun and addictive game!!! Also check out "Ask Cortana Guide" app its awesome!!!

Clayton · 12/20/2013

This is a really fun shoot'em up. Challenging and fun to master, I'm loving the game play. I'm a big fan of the Xbox One installment of this franchise.


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