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TFC Agent · 9/24/2011

Good game, controls take a while getting used to.

ScottHubLabs · 8/14/2011

I like it! I wish I could increase the sensitivity of the tilt control past the max adjustable setting. I also would like to see a larger dragging range in the throttle.

chef guerilla · 8/7/2011

Had to try it to see how bad it was. Controls were good. Smooth graphics. Was alot like Mario kart. Not as bad as reviews say.

Colorato · 8/5/2011

Gas should be on the right. Not a true racing game.

Schwan001 · 5/27/2012

Cave man racing is fun

l2urik · 3/1/2012

Too easy. Kids game

MagicalChild · 1/18/2012

Controls are better since the update but still a bad game. Easy achievements though.

Affynity · 1/7/2012

No Mario Kart, but still a fun racer. Lowering tilt sensitivity in the settings definitely helps control.

Ferrara316 · 1/4/2012

Game is easy but by far one of the worst racing games of all time. Beware

Ninny · 8/25/2011

Yeah agreed. The game would be solid if obstacles just slowed you down if you hit them instead of having to back up. Also the turning ratio is way off for the tilt, but if you play a bit its something you may adjust to. Three stars for effort.