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Update history: 1.9: Tweaked some of the puzzle archives. 1.8: Fast app switching, options for showing errors and muting completion, plus new puzzle sources.

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Karen · 7/23/2015

Easy to use, lots of puzzles!

Kevin · 7/21/2015

Great layout and a large database of puzzles

Ron · 7/13/2015

I'm enjoying playing the crosswords. The puzzles are interesting, and as a novice, the hints are just helpful enough. My only issue is it's hard to find a puzzle in the archive which will work. If they can resolve that, I'll give it a fifth star.

T · 7/10/2015

One of the few crossword apps that offers unlimited puzzles for free!!!

H Gary · 7/7/2015

Challenging! But not too much. Very enjoyable.

Tyler · 7/4/2015

Amazing App! The update improved the speed and smoothness of the interface.

Brian · 6/27/2015

The best crossword app I've ever seen, either for Windows Phone or for Apple iOS. Lots of sources for puzzles and a variety of types, and all for free, with optional payment for more. I love this app.

Jim · 6/23/2015

6/22/15 Received latest fix and problems seem resolved. Changed rating to 4 Stars. I just reevaluated this app. The update installed today broke the app. I used to be able to choose older puzzles from the Wall Street Journal. Now all I get is the most recently completed puzzle or the current week's puzzle which I have not yet completed. Of the 750 WSJ puzzles from 2001 to date, I can no longer access any of them. I had worked my way to March 2005 and was looking forward to continuing through all them m Please fix this and if you can add a way to select a date to go to, it would be appreciated. Not all the sources for puzzles are available. BIGGEST COMPLAINT: This app sucks the life out of my battery! Battery drain goes up to 40%/hour!! I can't use the app unless the phone is plugged in.

Matthew · 6/27/2015

I love this app. It gives me so many options for crosswords and its virtually unlimited.

Greg · 6/21/2015

Love the library of puzzles. One thing I would like to see is an indication when searching though the archive that a certain puzzle has been completed (rather than having to load each puzzle and check).