• 11 boxes with 275 levels (in the FULL version)
  • Innovative physics gameplay
  • Adorable character
  • Outstanding graphics
  • Constant free updates with new levels

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Various bugfixes and improvements.

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20K ratings

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Reviewer 9236 · 5/26/2015
no multi-touch

Lots of fun. Free demo, $4.99 for full game. I thought it was worth it, though I knew in advance that I would have to pay for the full version (I read reviews. I don't think it says so anywhere else.) It does have one major flaw though: there's no multi-touch capabilities. This was inconvenient, but not so much that I won't keep playing (in hopes that they will add it).

Fred · 5/10/2015
DECEITFUL, FALSE, LYING, GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought this game was free. Only you have to pay some money to go to the next boxes/levels. Om Nom, you may be a cute fuzzy creature, but no way am I going to spend precious money on some lying game. I just hate games like these. They LIE TO YOU, and then THEY EXPECT YOU TO GIVE THEM MONEY FOR LYING TO YOU. Just like The Treasures of Montezuma 3. The game looked so colorful and amazing, then I saw the countless reviews of people saying that it costs money. BAD. The Windows Store LACKS MANY GAMES THAT THE GOOGLE PLAYSTORE HAS HAD FOR YEARS!!! All the fun games are on the Playstore. Anytime you see a new Candy Crush on T.V., or something like that, you always see Appstore and Playstore, but you never see Windows Store. This store needs to shape-up, stop lying to people who are actually nice enough to continue buying things here, and just to add newer, more fun games, and to not invite third-party people who go and make rip-offs of Clash of Clans, Mario, and MineCraft. Anyway, thank you

Reviewer 3465 · 5/6/2015
Great game!

I love the graphics, sounds, and overall gameplay of this wonderful creation! But, you should add the hidden drawings like in the mobile versions!

Reviewer 0652 · 6/19/2015
cut the rope

great lots of fun

Reviewer 1241 · 4/24/2015
Fun games

Wish I can get the full version on my PC but still good you should think about downloading the games jay jay out

Reviewer 6500 · 5/20/2015
Dumb people

I guess that I'm one in few that know that games that are free are sometimes demos many games want you to try the game out first before you buy it arrogant people don't quite understand that

Vitali · 3/21/2015
Cut the Rope Review

The game's demo version features too little levels. Otherwise, nice game.

Jonny · 3/21/2015
Waste of Time

I unlock one achievement and then find out this is a demo?! I'm not paying for this game when it said FREE the day I installed it.

Reviewer 0153 · 4/6/2015
Is Not Free Don't Get

I was so mad when I found out it only gave me a certain amount of levels. I LOVE this game I have it on two other devices and those gave me the full version! Really?

Ashley · 2/3/2015

I thought I was getting the full game like the pictures showed me but we only got 2 boxes, which really sucks because I like logic games. Same thing in the Apple App Store. You only get a demo, not the full game. Who could call that FUN?

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