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Ice228 · 6/1/2012

This is probably a great game and whatev', but my finger slipped, and I accidentally bought it. I haven't let it finish installing. Does anyone know how to cancel this??? =[

Jf Vigor · 6/5/2011

Greereat game. Hopefully we will get true multiplayer soon!

mitzoe · 5/27/2012

It's a creepy mix of soccer and volleyball. The demo doesn't really give you a sense of the game; wish it had, I probably wouldn't have bought it as I never play it. I will admit it is well-made with nice graphics, though. Just keep swirling your finger on the screen and you'll block the ball 90% of the time.

a3 andrzej · 4/7/2012

Great game. High quality and very addictive.

Nathan Cox Jr · 1/7/2012

I haven't even explored the full features of this game, and I love it. Great graphics and animation plus the gameplay is addicting. Developers, keep up the great work.

MrMetalist · 1/7/2012

Awesome. Really fun and addicting.

m3 marek · 10/28/2011

Strongly recommended to have a look on it! :D

j raspate · 6/19/2011

Thanks for fixing the tile resolution... Great game only 2 games made it to my start screen and 1 of them is this one.. Keep up the good work!

Contained Coast · 6/3/2011

Addictive. Very well done!

kamalds · 5/31/2011

Very nice. Love it. Recommended for all age groups


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