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User · 3/5/2014

Trial was more than enough

Kevin · 6/15/2014

Surprisingly addictive

Amy · 6/5/2014

Fun little puzzle type game! And who doesn't love zombies?

Gabriel · 6/2/2014

Cool puzzles

Bob · 6/1/2014

Very fun. Easy to pick up and play for a few minutes. Gets tougher, but worth it. Great graphics too. Load times not so bad on 1520.

St. John · 4/18/2014

I like it. Its a little like lemmings but also very different. At times you can still multitask but mostly its platforming style game play. Wish there was more multitasking, but then all I've played so far is the tutorial so who knows, maybe there's more opportunity for that later. Load times seam a bit slow for a 2D game but other than that its solid. Well polished, unique, and inspiring.

Jachin · 3/17/2014

It's a fun game but I wish you could more easily change the direction your deadling faced

User · 3/15/2014

Entertaining, nice graphics, would be good if we could choose difficulty level. Also after the latest update it take up 712 MB of memory, which is a lot considering the graphics are only 2D.

User · 3/13/2014

Its pretty fun I ues it as something to do during down time....and the kids love it when I need them to sit still for 5 mins lol

Fron · 3/7/2014

Too much loading. Game play is fantastic, but its clogged up by loading screens. Probably will purchase this game, love the style.


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