• Rediscover the heart and humor of Despicable Me in the official game of the franchise.
  • Perform despicable acts through hundreds of missions!
  • Run through iconic locations that are full of surprises, secrets and tricky obstacles: Gru’s Lab, Gru’s Residential Area, El Macho’s Lair, Minion Beach and Super Silly Fun Land from Despicable Me.
  • Enjoy hilarious Minion moments with 3D graphics and fun animations!
  • Customize your Minion with unique costumes, weapons, and power-ups.
  • Battle Vector and an all-new villain created exclusively for the game.

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Minor bugs fixed Minion Rush is now back on Windows 8 devices! Get the update today and check out all the despicable new game features! Choose between Dave, Carl or Jerry to run with in Minion Park and Eduardo’s House! Hop on a skateboard, do tricks with a BMX or try the high-flyin’ mini-game! - 2 new environments: Minion Park and Eduardo’s House - 2 new Minions: Carl and Jerry - 3 new mini-games: Skateboard, BMX and Minion Glider

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Reviewer 7524 · 7/26/2015
Need more updates !

I am playing in Windows 8.1 and there is no Minion Races where you compete with 2 more minions. The game developers should add Minion Races in Windows 8.1 and the Fluffy Unicorn doesn't jump higher so I don't get all the bananas up to the top, it cuts me off because the unicorn doesn't jump high so please change it. And add some details like in Eduardo's House. In my mom's phone everything is working fine, but here in Windows, not everything. I would rate it 5 stars but its still not complete so 4 stars for now. But pretty much its a fun game though it really entertains you. I'm looking forward for the update :))

Reviewer 8837 · 7/21/2015

I Love this game but can't get anyone to challenge or play with me.. most people I know have phones and to play me they need to have this game on their computers. Either they don't have a computer or they don't know how to get the hook-up. It would be much funner if you could get people together from all devices. Another issue I have is.. I realize in the past when I first started playing this game...you have allowed players to buy some extra minions with bananas to keep us playing.... However...I would like the option to use the bananas to buy more of the minions needed to play this game to it's fullest... we don't get enough tokens in a set amount of time to use them to buy the extra minions... if you miss a day of playing you start all over with the extras... I have over a million bananas so why not let us buy more minions with them instead of trying to sell us minions for money... the game is supposed to be free but yet you are charging players to get those extras... not cool

Brian · 7/16/2015
Excellent crossover from the smartphone game

Fun and addictive game that is both easy enough to enjoy casually and challenging enough to stay interesting. My only real complaint, and the reason for the missing star, is what appears to be a problem with the physics in the Fluffy Unicorn stage of the game. On Windows Phone you always bounce high enough to reach the next bananas. On the PC there are many times when you simply don't bounce high enough to get to the next group before falling back down.

Reviewer 7832 · 7/28/2015

I love this Game but why is the music the same for every rush level the level design and game play is awesome but the repetitive same music for all the level makes me feel less Immersed if there is anyway to rectify that please do

Reviewer 4408 · 7/18/2015
Love the Game. Hate the Updates

I love this game, it's very fun ,and it can be very easy to play. I don't have a problem with the game ,but the updates are very hard to find out how to update this game.

Reviewer 5649 · 7/21/2015

very addictive

Reviewer 7925 · 7/20/2015

Fun game, but slow to load. I enjoyed daily bonuses. Since update there are none.

Reviewer 4285 · 7/17/2015
l love this game

highly addicting its the only game I've played for weeks and i still love it

justin · 7/15/2015
minion rush update

the update is but of down grade from what it was in the past. first thing is the game can not run at all. it loads way to long and if you can play its for few games. you can not get coins at all in the game. you HAVE TO USE YOUR REAL MONEY to get them. what? I thought the game was free? it is fee to play but it is not free to up grade your minion. the game is good but has to many bug and can not play the game. the game has another problem and that is the bananas! you can get as much as you want but they are useless. I thank that we could buy the coins with the bananas. that would be fun. the other problem is this no contests. that was fun and I played the game so much more when I could get 100 or 50 coins. the one thing the game has going for it is that it back on windows 8. for that I thank you. please fix and let us get coins again. if not the game will slow die out.

Jae · 7/12/2015
No More Jelly Lab

I used to love playing this game, but ever since the Jelly LAb update, the game is no fun anymore. I enjoyed being able to switch areas multiple times during a single run, and that is no longer an option. And on top of that, all the upgrades are crazy expensive now, but bananas seem even harder to get.

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