• 36 objects ranging from furniture, appliances, electronics, to the super jumbo A380! Modelled in extreme detail, right down to the final screw!
  • Realistic physics - touch and drag parts to disassemble, move or drop them!
  • Interactive objects - fly an airplane, drive a car & tank, operate an elevator, blender, and much more!
  • Realistic destruction - bomb mode becomes unlocked once you successfully disassemble an object. Place the bomb then blow things up in slow motion 'bullet' time!
  • Stereoscopic 3D mode - glasses free! wiggle, parallel eye and cross eye modes!
  • High replay value - explore alternate ways to disassemble an object, or just blow it up for the fun of it!
  • Real-time dynamic shadows and realistic water simulation!
  • Universal app - buy once and play anywhere on your Windows Phone 8.1, Windows RT 8.1 and Windows 8.1 devices!

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Version Notes

ITEM PACK 11: - Toilet with working flush mechanism! Flush then smash it to bits! - Reflector telescope on an equatorial mount! 4-axis rotation! - M1 Abrams tank! Drivable with working main gun and hatches! - Bug fixes and improvements

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Jugarshee · 6/19/2015
Good game

Its a good game but it could be more excellent game if all the levels will be free. And ok if at least 85 % levels will be free then it will be more fun.. thank you I request to make disassembly 2 or to free some more levels..i love this game.........thank you

Howard · 6/12/2014
Not free at all, very poor 3D details

Not a free app. don't waste your time

Rock · 5/27/2014


Micah · 7/23/2015
plz fix

When I take off the landing gear on the plane it still tales off and lands normally like there is invisible landing gear and pls make it so the titanic will sink the way the hole is.

Reviewer 4280 · 4/27/2015

Not much fun after you get the free ones taken apart....

User · 10/28/2014
I like it.

I love the concept, its fun and unlike any other game. I hope the creators continue to improve it. This game has grate potential.

Chris · 7/27/2014

Fun and entertaining game! Graphics and physics are done really well. I cannot seem to buy any additional packs though. The store keeps saying its unavailable.

chuck · 7/9/2014

Its entertaining and unique. The controls are hard to work with especially with the bigger objects but still has a fun factor to it.

Kyle · 6/27/2014

Possibly add the ability to buy different Levels from different packs individually. AWESOME GAME!

J. Ian · 5/24/2014
Horrible left hand controls

The concept and even most of the execution is great. However, the left hand controls to move the camera are horrible. I got so aggravated trying to get the camera to drag upwards or left or right more than a millimeter at a time. I would love to buy the game's extra content if I could reliably control the dang camera to look where I need to look.

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