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Ellie · 3/16/2015

I have one thing to say DO NOT GET IT. Oneself I didn't stick around to play until it said I HAD to bye it. I decided that right after I write this I would delete this. Trust me this is the worst game. Oh one thing if you do get it this is what happened to me. When it told me to tap something (I think that is what it said) I tapped over 100,000,000,000,000 things it wouldn't work so go ahead and get it but I warned you. Waist your time. One game you "fighters" my like is shadow fight 2. My younger and older bros love it. Sorry the last part wasn't even about this game. And I talk a LOT one more random thing. Watch the videos foil and the night Santa went crazy by weird Al before you say my words of wisdom (and laughs) were not funny.

Dylan · 12/30/2013
Doodle god trial

It keeps trying to make get the full version

Reviewer 4397 · 6/18/2013
fun but it crashes a lot

i'm running it on a surface pro and it crashes every 10 or so mins

Scott · 2/21/2013
Latest update seems to have broken hints

It seems that they weren't selling enough hints, so the latest update made them more expensive and made the 5 minute clock for free hints wonkier. As a result, I'm no longer having enough fun with the game to justify the original purchase price. Now I have to say "great concept, a little too hard to enjoy". Also stopped getting achievements after today's update. :(

Tasha · 2/18/2013
The Free Version has less bugs

I bought this after playing the free version and it is disappointing. You cannot open the alphabetical menu to make elements. So you end up needing to press the back button and reopen everything with each new creation.

Brach · 2/13/2013
Waist of time and $$

In my opinion this game is rather pointless and boring or else I just can't seem to get into it. The object is to combine different elements to create new one's. It's just really slow paced and I guess just not my type of game.

David · 11/1/2012
Interesting concept but gets very tedious

It was interesting to try and use logic to combine elements properly, but when you run out of ideas you just try every element in every combination and hours later of just mindless clicking, you win.

Jesse · 2/15/2015
I know the developers need to eat, but...

I can say without a doubt that this is the most offensively invasive app I've ever downloaded on any platform. The game itself is ok, and looks nice, but it has spent more time popping up ads then I have spent playing it, and I'm already uninstalling it after the first day. It might have had potential to be a nice little time waster, but I'm not going to transfer ownership of my PC to it. It pops over anything else you're doing, every 5-10 minutes when it's closed, and that's just way too much.

Tiffany · 7/18/2014
Problem with syncing

I like this app but there should be other ways to get mana besides buying. Disabling matches you've already done should be automatic-Having to purchase it or suffer through going back and forth is just annoying. Why am I unable to sync mana, things I've purchased with mana, or discovered artifacts from Facebook?

Aimee · 3/23/2014
The best game ever!

I really liked the game. It was hard to make some elements, but I found it really fun to think of how I could make this or that or try this. Doodle God is a really fun way to challenge your mind.


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