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Reviewer 9774 · 4/20/2015
My Hero

The my Hero mini game is a wonderful distraction, I've lost hours to it. The overall game was a little small, but was fun to play.

sheryl · 3/30/2015
Doodle Kingdom

Loved It

Vickie · 9/12/2014
Doodle God Series

Any of the games in the Doodle God series are extremely addictive. I've sat up almost a whole night playing. It is a lot of fun and even children will enjoy.

Alexis · 3/30/2014

This game is fun and very addicting

Daniel · 1/15/2014
Not much to play

When I pay for a game, I expect more than a free to play game. I expect free expansions in the future.

Francis · 1/11/2014
Pretty Fun

Finished the game and quest. Wish they would update this with more elements though.

Kathleen · 1/11/2014
Super Fun Game

This is just the kind of game I have been waiting for on Windows. Love the strategy and working through the different quests.

Shawn · 1/5/2014
Overall Pretty Fun

Overall the game is a nice addition to the Doodle games. Only issue is the Hero section. There is very limited items to buy for your hero so after about level 15, it becomes repetitive with no goals outside of the 2 achievements. Currently lvl 17, over 100k in gold and nothing to buy. I was hoping for more gear, or possibly a way to convert the gold into gems. It would not be unbalanced since there is quite a bit of time investment to earn gold...

terry · 1/1/2014

This game is very fun and addictive

Phyllis · 12/12/2013
I Can't Wait For More!!!!!

This game not only lives up to the previous installments, it goes beyond!! If you love puzzles and thinking outside the box, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this game!!!

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