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Michael · 7/26/2015

Funny and enjoyable but also a very well made rpg.

J. · 11/9/2014

Erm, what's the new update about? Edit 11/8: So it looks like the update causes the game to crash. This is why developers need to detail what their updates include, especially when it's a paid app. No excuse.

Ally · 11/8/2014

With the new update after a fight crashes every time.

User · 11/8/2014

Fun game, but since the update, the game freezes after every battle

Michael · 3/13/2014

I found the attempts at self-referential humor annoying. Gameplay was standard jrpg, which is what many are probably looking for, but not me. One example where jokes falling flat detracts from the game experience.

Lorentsen · 3/6/2014

Could have been a good game, but the script reads like it was written by someone with an IQ of 20. The game tries to hard to be funny, it fails.

User · 8/8/2013

Would not rotate to the way I always play with my phone and Ai in game constantly blocking the path bad in game Ai that tells you to buy game, ruins experience I know I downloaded the trial.... So no buy from me game play 2/5 bad humor that might go well with others just too cliche for me

Joseph · 2/12/2013

Awesome game until update, crashes constantly now. Uninstalling

Hugo · 5/10/2015

Needs cloud game save support :( This game is pretty good in terms of length of game and in game skill knowledge and development. But for what this game offers, its stability, and price point, I totally recommended. This is definitely made to entertain and burn time!

Levi · 7/27/2015

So much fun to play!


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