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Reviewer 4486 · 8/23/2015

I like this game, reminds me of old school final fantasy... but the ads cause the screen to freeze in every single battle. you have to minimize the screen and pull it back up constantly and that's no fun.

Angelo · 8/17/2015
Annoying grind fest

First level: 69 exp. Second level: 371 exp. EXP per battle starts at 2-4. Yep. This is an annoying grind fest. The story is mediocre, advertising annoying, interface clunky, and you have to grind like crazy. After playing it for an hour, I got bored and moved on to greener pastures.

Reviewer 9624 · 7/25/2015
Absolutely Fantastic

I so love this game. Much more than that Doom & Destiny (each to his own opinion). This looks much much better here on my SP3 and runs smooth as it can probably be. The only thing I could ask for is for maybe different controls instead of touching the ground for the player to move. Maybe D-pads or an analog stick but still, it doesn't really present a problem, I would just be more comfortable with an analog stick. Other than that, this game is terrific and grinding is not a problem since that is expected in games like these. I am really really hoping for more content and I shall purchase this once I get my windows 10 update. Absolutely wonderful game!

Anthony · 5/11/2014
good but not great

After playing for a few hours and not getting anywhere I feel this game is too much of a grindfest for me. I like the graphics and game play over all but the fact you have such a grind to make money to get potions for dungeons only to run out on the first level and it takes literally hundreds of battles to level characters. I managed to level them to lv 2 which required 67exp a piece and battles avg 1-2 exp. The battles that give me 20+xp take to many resources to make it worth it.

Reviewer 0986 · 4/25/2013
Fun..... until

At first I thought this game was a little off then I realized it was just awful. The penalties for dying (which is almost impossible even with hours of grinding) are too severe. The A.I. is insane, the characters regularly kill themselves by defending characters with full health.

Nicholas · 3/30/2013
Was great till ads made loss of progress!

This recent version includes ads which is fine but one took over the entire screen and can't continue my current run. Now I have to lose some progress with a previous save. Where's the paid version on win8 market to get rid of the ads? Get cracking on that!

jesse · 8/16/2015
Worth playing

It's a fun game with a somewhat compelling story line. The only problem is it takes too long to level up and you basically have to have either a knight or another tanking character because wizards and other magic classes are too fragile and die in one attack sometimes.

Marcellus · 8/28/2015
Nice game but outdated

The developer has given up on the game moved on to new games. The content and issues that are present will never be resolved but it's a good game. Classic RPG but definitely grindy as you go on.

Lazarus · 2/25/2015
Classic RPG style

Love this series, love that I can play it on my phone or on my Windows 8 PC, but where is Dragon's Blade II

Jef · 11/1/2014
windows 8

Add controller support so that I may enjoy this game properly, please. :)



  • Create a custom party from 9 different classes
  • Classic turn-based RPG gameplay
  • Play online with others
  • Dynamic item creation allows for endless combinations
  • Cast spells, discover treasure, and customize your characters

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v1.285: - The free version is no longer restricted and can play online and advance beyond level 20. - Advertisements should show more consistently now.

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