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User · 12/6/2012

The game crashed on me, this needs an update, NOW

Kannon Masamune · 7/11/2012

Condensed soul quest glitch to get into the crypt ruins what could have been a decent game. Waste of money. Do not purchase. Needs more playtesting before being sold in MP.

HolyJasonrocks · 6/26/2012

Couldn't equip item and overall bad controls

Cliff · 7/14/2014

I love this game! Pansoft put a lot of time into the graphics and the support is fantastic. A well done game, with plenty of quests. I highly recommend this game to any dungeon crawler fan. THIS IS THE GAME YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!!!

Marlon · 2/16/2014

Could use some better graphics, control, and more armor and weapon varieties, but nonetheless, these are the type of games Windows Phone needs. You have my full support!!!

Gregory · 12/11/2013

This is a great game. I was a bit unimpressed at first, but the more you play the more interesting and engaging and challenging it gets. You really need to develop your character carefully and take advantage of key capabilities to survive. I've enjoyed hours of play and it seems there is much more to do. Some very minor bugs and design issues here and there but overall very well done!

User · 9/3/2013

Good clean violent fun.

ewill3215 · 8/4/2012

Update to my previous 4 star rating. Developer has fixed bugs and released updated version. Game is playing great and is hours of fun. This is the best game of its kind on the market. Thanks for a really good game and look forward to updates as they become available.

Player522096731 · 7/21/2012

Cute RPG for a phone, but has some issues. With some bug fixes, would be even better.

SleepyDaddySoft · 6/29/2012

Slight ding for controls, which are a little too jerky. Otherwise, excellent effort.


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