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April · 8/11/2015
dungeon stalker 2

for an old school game, very delightful and challenging

Reviewer 8650 · 8/30/2015

A great prison escape game... but it doesn't end there! You explore the city of Bun Hat, the graveyard and MORE!!!

Michael · 7/10/2015
Cool game.

Wow, Love the game. It is very challenging! Great Work. However, there is a big glitch bug. sometimes a character dies at full health when a monster strikes the character to where I cannot pass a certain area because there are 10 monsters and 5 Strong men all in 1 spot..

Karen · 2/26/2015

little lagy when runing

tyler · 1/28/2015

If I could give this game no stars, I would. This game has terrible graphics, and I'm on a machine that handles graphics up to 1080i. That being said, the controls are terrible, for mouse, touchpad, XBOX 360 controller and otherwise. The spelling is incorrect on 95% of the time, and the story is completely off track. This game is just bad all around. There are settings for changing the buttons on the mouse and keyboard, and nothing else. There are NO GRAPHICS SETTINGS AT ALL!!!! There are no sound adjustments, no brightness adjustments, the mouse isn't centered and it comes on the screen while playing the game. Oh, and I almost forgot..... THE CUTSCENES DO NOT STOP THE GAME! When you are talking to someone or are in the tutorial, the game keeps on playing. There is no GUI settings or any depth of field settings. AND JUST HOW FAR YOU CAN SEE IN FRONT IS ATROCIOUS!! You can only see about 2 or 3 steps in front of you. I have so many problems with this game, I cant even write all of them.

Alexandr · 11/13/2014
dungeon stalker 2

graphics could be better as wellas interactive combat, but not to bad.

Delsin · 3/21/2014
Will not even start

I click on the game and it shows the Game Maker logo then crashes.

Logic · 12/31/2013
Crashes in setting

When I go to set touch d pad to medium it crashes to desktop.

T · 12/27/2013
Stopped working

There's no volume and it froze

Reviewer 6865 · 7/10/2015
Not half bad

A pretty good time waster. What it really needs, though, is a sprint button or something.



  • Beautiful first person 3D graphics
  • Real-time melee combat with dual wield and ranged weapons
  • Touch based spell casting now including area spells and DOTs
  • Level up your character and customize it choosing from more than 20 skills
  • Many levels with different graphics, enemies and riddles
  • Hundreds of weapons with full socket personalization
  • NPC interaction with quest driven story
  • Meet and kill the Overlord, and get ready to unfold the full plot!

App details

Version notes

+ Added 'Equip' button to items details. You can use it instead of normal drag&drop. + Fixed town recall item duping exploit + "Impenetrable" skill should now calculate parry bonus correctly + Buff spells are slightly more effective + Fixed Strength typos

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