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Buren06 · 4/18/2012

Slow and clunky with a badly designed, non intuitive UI. Shame there are no better alternatives on windows phone.

cptBlu · 3/30/2012

Sorry but it's still a dud. Thought on the off chance of other comments complaints were fixed. And the UI seems cleaner but that doesn't matter with no one to play with 34 minutes an no game to play. Though maybe retail version might have more players or something, but seriously 2.99 that's a bit steep for non Xbox title that's not really ready yet. You'll find more people willing to take chance at a lower price point which will increase your users and make the game more fun. You should also look at 3$ is not worth just not seeing ads

wooncherk · 3/11/2012

Very bad interface... Dunno how to use... :P

Aaron · 5/12/2014

Great it works fine a little bit harder than draw something but same basic idea and at least free and doesn't steal your money than kick you out. The ads a bit annoying but goes away

User · 12/13/2012

Pretty fun. Wish it was faster play or more players

Brychrwol · 9/23/2012

Fun in 1 player mode!

sushovan · 5/10/2012

Since you don't get to know how many letters there are in the word, it is very difficult to get it right. Need more colors. The line thickness is not adjustable. 30 seconds is too small to draw something on a small screen, and most players seem to get frustrated and give up and spell the word for you. Overall, a bunch of bad decisions went into the design of this game. Not recommended.

papasnewbag · 5/9/2012

Good concept, some things holding it back. Word selection is too small, resulting in repeats that make guessing too easy sometimes. Word matching bites you if you go too specific ("basketball" doesn't work if the word was "ball"). Given this the ten second guess penalty is too strict. Also there are waaay too many people cheating by writing out letters (which I really don't understand). There's a report option, but I don't know if it actually prevents me from seeing that player again. Also, line weight control and colors, combined with higher difficulty words and a longer time limit could be good.

clwood · 4/26/2012

This has been advertised on sites as a draw something alternative; it's not! Single player was fun, but you don't get to draw. Things I didn't like: You need 3 people for multiplayer. There are no possible letters to choose from leaving infinite possibilities. You get about two guesses; Only 30 seconds to guess/draw and 10 seconds between guesses, too fast. There only appears to be white or black as a color. I tried to start a random multiplayer game, which was cool, but it took time for it to match me up with players and then I didn't even get to draw. First sign-in was not intuitive, had to explain to a friend so we could play. Buggy, don't click outside the keyboard or you won't be able to re-enter keyboard.

Pedmart · 4/20/2012

Awesome game. 100 times more competitive than "draw something" . Friend and i are hooked with this game. I really wish it had a general scoreboard. That way you play more to get more points and be on the top.


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