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Michael · 8/12/2015

Groovy! I'm not a fan of using motion controls for precision, as required in the racing levels. The final level was also a pain to beat. It's, however, still a moderately fun platformer and nostalgia trip for fans.

Shaun · 8/22/2015

Awesome game, but the controls using touch screen is more difficult than a real controller. Gotta get a MOGA

Shawn · 8/15/2015

Controls need tightened before purchasing.

Kilonzo · 11/10/2014

I didn't like it at all. Wasted my dollar

Matthew · 9/30/2013

Controls are horrid. Can't make it through buttville with the terrible controls because if you hit anything, you bounce all around on the spikes unable to move until you die

Steve · 2/14/2015

This game is a classic and I can't express my glowing regard for it. That being said, it is nearly impossible to play on a mobile platform as your thumbs are in the way of the screen. The buttons are huge and it's too hard to see what you're doing or where you're going. I'd love to play it with a controller again, but until then, 2 stars for poor controls.

Shadow · 12/24/2014

The hook is to far away to complete level five and the electricity goes of to often to get anywhere. Not worth the money.

User · 3/7/2014

the years melted away and i was a kid again playing the old game i loved all those years ago bravo for bringing this one back oldie but a goodie

subiksh · 11/5/2013

it is not HD even not addictive

Rengga · 9/11/2013

Very good port and clear reminiscence of its counterpart. One thing though, I wish there's more option for the control! They're quite obstructive I barely could see anything. Maybe opacity control could help, even better your own customizable control, so that I would just make the whole thing slightly smaller.


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