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Michael · 7/27/2014

This is a pretty faithful recreation of the 16-bit original. I appreciate that the developers have toned down the difficulty (at least on the normal setting), with liberally placed checkpoints and more health power-ups...but man, this game is not well suited to touchscreen play. It uses a virtual d-pad that is not equal to all the challenges this game presents. I admit I'm having fun, but really what I'd like to do is play this on Xbox or something with a controller.

Drew · 7/7/2014

15 to 20 years ago this would have been a good game. By today's standards it's boring and the graphics aren't the best either. I'm glad I got this for free. Not at all worth purchasing unless you are an Earthworm Jim fan.

Anthony · 5/19/2014

I think this will be a good and very fun Game if Gameloft can fix some things like it doesn't takes the whole screen on my Lumia 1520, and Poor Resolution Quality.

Eric · 8/13/2014

Fun game. Please add moga controller support.

paul · 6/27/2014

Good graphics and game controls. Plays your own mp3s in game. Brings back lots of fun and crazy gaming memories.

Hamed · 8/16/2014

Nice game

User · 5/24/2014

If you were fortunate enough to play this in the early 90's you will be pleasantly surprised. Sure the touch pad is no control pad, but this is one hell of an arcade experience for vets and newcomers alike.

harsha · 5/19/2014

Excellent game works great

Omar · 5/29/2014

Brings memeories back!

Paradorn · 4/20/2014

This app so very hard


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