• 55 stunning, hand drawn locations and graphics with many animated details
  • Exciting detective story rich with horror elements and plot twists
  • Atmospheric soundtrack
  • Picturesque setting of Ravenwood Park
  • Evidence Board: draw conclusions based on evidence and clues
  • 36 achievements to unlock
  • 30 collectibles (butterflies) to find
  • Bonus Adventure: “The Redeemed Memories” is a prequel to the main one. Witness the origins of Ravenwood Park, and rescue your friends from the evil dwelling within

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Reviewer 1144 · 7/7/2015
And yet another good one!

I'm spending a good share of my 3-day 4th of July weekend playing these fun games. I highly recommend them if you are fond of hidden object and puzzle games. I'm starting with the easy mode and will move to more difficult when I want to do them again. Great fun!

Reviewer 0249 · 6/27/2015
It's Fun But Not Full

I really love this game so much and yet when I reach the barrel site, and when I saw the skeleton within it, then something that says"YOU MUST BUY THE FULL VERSION OF THIS GAME SO YOU CAN PLAY UNTIL THE END OF IT" just appeared.I don't know what I should feel, angry or happy.

Dolores · 7/10/2015
Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood

I love the interactions with all the wildlife. I have all the Artifex Mundi games and this is the second time around playing this one. I can't wait for new games to come out.

Reviewer 8954 · 5/28/2015
enigmatic 2 ; The Mist of Ravenwood

love this game very challenging and with great graphics

Reviewer 7530 · 6/16/2015

I have never played a game as such before - seen them, just never bothered trying...and I've been playing games for Years...I think now I will play a number of these type of click/explore games!

Patricia · 7/13/2015
Enigmatis 2

One question:Does anyone know the meaning of free full? Are all the games by Mundi like this? The art work is really great but I'm being disappointed by every one

Reviewer 4008 · 7/10/2015

It sucks u have to buy it its really fun but it stopped me from playing that's dumb

Reviewer 2610 · 7/5/2015

It is too short.

Reviewer 6038 · 6/9/2015
hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaattttttttttteeeeeee iiiiiiiiittt

right when it gets interesting it tells me to pay it $6 and something cents

Reviewer 1703 · 4/10/2015

absolutely horrible. boring. Waste of my time.

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