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User · 10/26/2014


Nicholas · 11/19/2012

Update to make more is al I am saying longer game in depth game more over all the game

JDiddyC · 9/8/2012

I like this so far :D

SizzleBiscutS · 9/6/2012

Potentially good. Needs a few updates but will be worth every penny if so

Il Saboteur · 8/24/2012

Great game, finally on windows store

Cam · 1/7/2015

Too easy, too few options, and extremely inaccurate descriptions of symptoms and effects. Basically, waste of a buck, just go online and play pandemic. Waaaay better.

Joe · 8/16/2013

Its ok. I don't mind the graphics. It doesn't have much replay value though. It would be nice to stick closer to the original and allow you to have cold2,3,etc...

Jeremy · 5/22/2013

Way to easy and not enough options like pick what infectious entity I am like virus, bacteria, fungus, I like how there were descriptions of what each disease did but it needs to be harder and have more options step in the right direction though

jeremy · 12/28/2012

Too easy. Have played several times on "hell" difficulty, and have still won every time. Please make this game more challenging, and give us more stuff to do.

User · 11/24/2012

Great game! Just too easy though. And some reviews literally complained about the graphics -_- Dumb reviewers. This game doesn't need good graphics. Do you think super Mario bros needed good graphics to be a good game? No! So this doesn't either!


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