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User · 1/27/2013

Good game kinda tacky doee

Vojtech · 1/24/2013

I purchaced it and now game said buy full game to continue - my progess is lost and i will probably will play it in very long time. NOT COOL!

Troy · 1/20/2013

This game is a greater variant of Flight Control & Harbor Master!! Not much innovation here. At least Nokia is still releasing games for WP!! For that, I'm grateful! Runs smooth on Lumia 900.

Andrew and Mary · 1/17/2013

Not, :-/

safeer · 7/27/2014

Reminds me of flight control but its a little conjusted game ! Make it a bit simple !

Charles · 7/21/2013

Fun game. Much more bang for the money than the original Flight Control.

Frank · 2/9/2013

Wonderful game and very addicting :D

hh · 2/2/2013

This is the best game of this genre on WP8 platform in my opinion. Addictive and fast paced game play. Nice, clean graphics. Good music. It is a well polished game and was worth my purchase.

Moises · 1/29/2013

Great simple game like the original Flight Control but with way more variety.

Sisu · 1/28/2013

Trial Review - I've played, not purchased, Flight Control and Harbor Master; both are similar to FC Rocket, but FC Rocket is far and away so much more enjoyable! App runs great on my Nokia Lumia 900. The graphics and UI are so colorful and upbeat, and I love the 'Jetsons-like' visuals. The best part, in addition to the game being very enjoyable, is the music...It's Groovy! FC Rocket has garnered a purchase from me:)


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