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Jacob · 7/10/2013

Installed the trial but it's nowhere to be found. Definitely not buying it now!

Jonathon · 6/30/2014

Great fun, easy to learn as I've never played a soccer game. Achievements are about a 4\10 for difficulty.

Sam · 2/11/2014

Great game but needs things like career mode and ultimate team. FIFA 14 would be great as it has been out for a long time

User · 1/25/2014

Wow! This game has so much depth for a mobile game. Graphics are amazing, the controls are perfect with lots of different swipes to do different types of moves. So many different teams. The quality here is comparable to a console game, it doesn't have that cheapy mobile-game feel to it. I know nothing about football, but I am hooked!

Reiya · 11/27/2013

Stupid..can't update...when the progress bar reach half its restart from the beginning.always like that.

winano · 8/15/2013

Great game! Will give 5 star when they add the manager. So looking for that update.

Efrain J. · 7/29/2013

Great adaptation for this form factor. Controls are good, and game modes availability are in accordance with the device. A+++ in my opinion. Now lets bring it (or the '14 version) to the Surface :-D

Michael · 7/29/2013

Game is fun but full of bugs. Things like getting called for offsides when the ball wasn't passed but tackled away and the resulting tackle caused the ball to roll towards a player. Even more awesome, said play wasn't actually offsides :(... Do some code review and apply updates then we'll be good to go.

Nick · 7/18/2013

Decent game, but robbed of so many necessary elements : manager,career mode, ultimate team...etc. Feel cheated by windows. Will not buy until these are included. Will give 5 stars if fixed

Branislav Stojanovic · 7/14/2013

There is no soccer game comparable with this one. This is pure gold. Game play, graphics, optimization... Game is best!


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