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Roberto · 8/2/2014

Sucks boring junk tutorial game

User · 2/25/2014

Worst game in the world

User · 1/23/2014

Nice game if it was free. Would never pay for it.

Devante · 9/9/2013

Gets repetitive very fast.

Killabass1 · 1/1/2013

It's okay, i thought you could control your player in real time.

William · 12/17/2012

Unplayable on the WP8 Lumina 920. Scrolling lists is very difficult, and dragging/dropping skills does not work at all. Cannot add new moves, and if you remove one, you can't put it back.

Aristovsan · 3/15/2012

Quite possibly the worst game I have ever played. Fun? No. Engaging? No. Confusing? Who cares. Too much reading for a fighting game, where there should be zero reading. Strategy you say? Not if it's boring. Also, its a fighting game. Graphics? Unnecessary.

User · 2/13/2014

Don't listen to any reviews but this one, Mine. This game allows you to simulate fight. Moves and Defensive blocks. Extremely good game for $2.99 . A must have for fighting enthusiasts. Includes a Bloodsport Mui Thai fighter. That's who I chose to represent me.

lj · 10/23/2013

Its not what you think its not pressing buttons in a Tekken style fighting game your waiting for a green light to appear so you can push a button so your character will do their technique this is disappointing for many reasons A. Its simply not fun B. The graphics should be better since all the moves are pre planned C. Its just disappointing its a great idea but the developer went about it in the worst possible way

Rajesh · 6/22/2013

Addictive but short, completed the game in one sitting! Might have to play it again.


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