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m · 8/9/2015

As far as turn based RPGs go, it is still nearly perfect, the updated graphics and additional game play since the original NES/Famicon version keep it feeling relatively fresh for a game that is old enough to predate cell phones, much less be played on one...

Harrison · 6/18/2015

An excellent port of a remake of a remake of a port of a time-tested classic. For those unaware, this game is identical to the PSP Anniversary Edition, which is probably the most complete and feature-rich version of the game at the time of writing. My only gripe is that the game and its music would seem to stutter pretty frequently while on the world map and when high level spells were cast. Other than this, the game is as good as ever and is worth a play though even today. Worth the standard asking price and a no-brainer if it's on sale.

Terry · 11/23/2014

The design is very flawed, garbage don't waste your money.

James · 10/11/2014

The games character size is ok but you need a magnifying lens to read the words.

Teague · 5/23/2014

You can play this game for free you know.

Johnathan · 3/8/2014

Can't access

Taryn · 10/1/2013

It's a great, classic game, but on my Lumia 520 almost all the text is tiny and very dim; dark purple on royal blue. I don't know why. The notification bar taking up double width and always being visible as a white strip on the side would be forgivable if not for that.

User · 9/15/2013

Probably good memory for old fans. For the rest nothing to do here.

Jeffrey · 5/2/2013

Poorly ported for phones with larger resolutions.

Edward Julian · 7/4/2015

Desperately needs an update. I can play ff3 on this same phone perfectly fine with no slow downs whatsoever but this... It's just kinda ridiculous, especially considering the graphics of this and ff3.


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