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betty · 7/29/2015

Enjoy the game, I like challenges and enjoy the game so much.keep the games coming, I am 74 years of age.

Laura · 7/29/2015

A bit addictive and I can get to about level 16.

Lori · 7/25/2015

Simple in theory, yet challenging to perfect. Highly addictive..!! Would strongly recommend this game to parents who want to hone their children's reasoning skills. Flow Free is appropriate for ALL ages, from pre-K to geriatric.

geoffrey · 7/24/2015

Fun and challenging good brain stimulation

Beverly · 7/24/2015

Great for puzzle lovers, especially those who enjoy logic puzzles.

luke · 7/24/2015

It helps my brain and its fun

ifs · 7/24/2015

Fun...but not that challenging. Then again I'm only on the first level. Wait it out. This is my go to. Game

Terri · 7/23/2015

Fun and challenging!

Daniel 3ICE · 7/26/2015
Hints cost money OF COURSE, controls suck

Did not realize hints were the pay to win aspect of this game, there was no warning or tutorial. I wasted them all on level one and did not find a mechanism for getting free ones :( I'm at level 80 now. Had I known hints were limited, I would have kept them for later levels, like beyond 300. In the free Jumbo pack 14x14 levels (hardest), I keep trampling on the neighboring pipes accidentally. I was looking for a challenge, but found only annoyance. I place every pipe perfectly, I should be able to turn off annoying automatic pipe erasing. There is one logical path for the final pipe to take. Either fill it in automatically or stop me from accidentally erasing all neighboring pipes as I draw its complexly winding -- but obvious, straightforward, and algorithmically determinable -- final path.

Myesha · 7/20/2015

Who knew brain building could be so fun!!!!