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gabriel andres · 4/20/2013

Very good

培操 · 2/6/2013

Like it

MeTinnn · 9/12/2012

Im playing it with hd7 & controls are great...

El Buen Pablo · 9/7/2012


Jonathon · 3/27/2014

Great take on a classic game it was fun and challenging. The achievements are very doable in aprox 3 hours time.

Michael · 1/6/2013

Very, very bad controls! They are not very responsive, so the game isn't very fun. I prefer the original galaga, too. Uninstalling!!

cauzt1cz · 9/13/2012

It's a great game with the exception of the controls. They're horribly slow and it takes a lot of effort to move your ship. Not to mention that when it moves the way you want it it is simply not fast enough. My thumb is actually surprisingly sore after playing this...

Guardinal · 9/11/2012

I found the graphics in this game to be rather nice, with a UI that allows for much movement space. Unfortunately, the very sluggish and occasionally unresponsive controls take away much of the fun in the harder levels and add a level of annoyance that simply shouldn't be there. I mainly purchased this because the music vaguely reminds me of the first WipeOut! Game on the ps1. Good graphics, good music, poor controls. Hopefully a patch can fix this.

chucklesFCC · 9/8/2012

The entire point of a game is to have fun playing it. This game has a great concept, but falls short. The controls feel halfway finished. Controlling the satellites are fluid and easy. However, controlling the main craft feels like they just didn't finish the mechanics. The controls are cumbersome and require way too much attention to just maneuvering the ship and not on the action of the game. This makes the game just plain boring. It's not frustrating, just boring. Instead of having tight controls and fast action, we are given sloppy controls and slow action. That's why I give this game 2 stars. It's just not fun to play.

RogueCheepSheep · 9/6/2012

Controls take some getting used to. Could definitely use the standard dpad option


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