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TonyTheFuture · 8/15/2011


Board with this · 8/4/2011


Player756900917 · 7/22/2011


Leekukji · 6/27/2011

Not good. Enemy plane are practically "dancing".

Nehemiah · 12/17/2012

Fun game. Story really needs to be improved. I don't know if its just that there are only single lines after each wave or if it also that the lines are pretty horrible, but it could definitely be improved. Also, the enemies during waves 16-18 did not fire any weapons at me.

Maxim Kamalov · 8/20/2011

Exasperating game. But nice graphics and idea of upgrade system

OuttaSyyte · 7/17/2011

Pretty good! Developer has made some upgrades regarding the ability to save. Only one thing left, add a little bit of health when coming back from a death or reload. Very difficult to go into a new level with Jo health left. Otherwise great job, maybe add a deeper storyline to pop this game into the top 5

CodyCraven · 7/15/2011

Still great game. However just lost my save position on wave 20 by clicking the back button when the new/continue game dialog was up, very bummed

DarkSilence1995 · 7/8/2011

Awesome game but i think that it gets a little bit bored after a while but still awesome. And really nice graphics!!!

lpedraja2002 · 6/29/2011

The gameplay and graphics overall were pretty good but the lack of a save function to continue where you left off or died its a huge turndown for this since the ship is pretty hard to upgrade to begin with.


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