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chemaputz1 · 5/2/2011

Controls were dead on, was better than expected. (HTC arrive) Brings back great old memories and how much video games evolved from the basics like this game.

User · 5/13/2014

Controls not as bad as people make them out to be. If you played the original version on Atari 2600, this feels as close as you can get without the actual joystick. The play is very similar. Can't really judge it against today's games. Great version of an old favorite from back in the day!

KillerTXHomie · 9/7/2012

Great game and easy to play as for the controls, yea bit tough but still enjoyable once you get use to it.

FinnegansDirge · 8/13/2011

Laggy movement makes this game frustrating to play. Achievements require you to play in a car or bus to earn them... Interesting concept, but not well done.

WushuMaster69 · 7/23/2011

The game was fun really reminds me of simpler times. Only thing was the controls, but it did not stop me from playing.

texastoasterboy · 6/8/2011

Great game just takes some skill and adjusting to at first highly addictive:)

The After Sheep · 5/12/2011

The controls are very bad which is quite a problem for this game. There should have also been a graphics update.

CyberKnight · 4/30/2011

VERY difficult to control - can't see the stick under your thumb, can't tell when you're pushing directly or slightly off, so you often get two directions instead of one, meaning your left push to jump on a rope includes a slight down to drop off it as soon as you touch it. Unplayable.

SpeedingBullitt · 4/28/2011

Pitfall is one of my all time favorite games, and I really wanted to love it on my phone, but the controls are absolutely horrible! I can only get through 4 or 5 screens before i use up all of my lives due to the touchy controls, and I'm normally very good at this game. Oh how I wish I could play this. :(

Rygot · 4/28/2011

Why is this $3? Controls are just mind boggling useless. Thanks for bringing old ports instead of innovative new games.


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