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David · 8/4/2013
Geared: to what end

Fun game but at times final outcome desired of the machine is unclear and leads to much confusion. Basic goal would have been most helpful and lend greater clarity to the desired outcome.

Robert · 6/2/2013
No go

Ok concept but way too simple. The only part that is free is the first 20 levels (half of which are just super easy training levels. Theres a reason this was number one on iOS ... Mac people don't mind paying outrageous prices for garbage.

Reviewer 8473 · 5/7/2013

Not is it boring but only the first pack of 20 puzzles are free. After that you have to pay.

Anh · 2/9/2013

Interesting and well designed game. Too easy at start, though. Update: I change from 4 to 2 star when the game asked me to pay $5 for a "level-pack" that only contain 80 level.

Erin · 1/25/2013
Good, but much less content than expected

The free version is only the first 20 levels, and most of them are so easy that they aren't really fun. Right when you finish the last few levels is when it starts to get good, but then you have to pay $5 to continue. The game was fun but not $5 fun, and the free version takes maybe 10 minutes to get through.

Anthony · 1/16/2013
The Math Works, The Graphics Work - The PLAN? NO

This game is ingenious. The whole concept should be required teaching for engineering students. But, ONE thing lacks... A helping hand when the big "WTF?" moment comes and the physics look skewed... puzzle #18 is a perfect example of "If you're not an expert on Archimedes, then.... tough luck."

Julia · 1/13/2013
Awesome game

Pretty fun game but it is not really free it is only free for levels 1-20 for levels 21-100 five bucks small price for such a fun game 5 stars for this game!

Josh · 1/8/2013
Cannot install

I've tried at least a hundred times to install this app, but it always says that it cannot install. Checked online about the error code it gave, found a program from ms to download that would check for any conflicts on my pc, but the scan came back negative. This app is simply broken. I have no problems with any other app.

Paul · 1/3/2013
Pay up

Easy trial, up to level 20. Pay $5 for 80 more levels. I'd pay $2, and that's if there were more than 80 additional levels, and then were significantly more challenging. I'm not going to pay $5 for an extra half hour, with no replay value. Pricing scheme is deceiving; would rate four or five stars if it said up front *in the title* that it's a trial. Alternative would be to have at least 100-150 challenging free levels. How is this rated so high? Most of the ratings are one or two stars.

Michael · 12/31/2012
Just a preview

It might be a fun game, but this app only offers a few very easy levels.



  • 125 unique levels of addictive gameplay. (40 FREE)
  • Varying difficulty; Easy to near-impossible.
  • Creative spatial and physics based game play.
  • Intuitive and clean user interface.

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(Version Updates) -Added 25 new levels. -Expanded free levels from 20 to 40! -Added blueprint theme. -Improved menus. -Improved icon. -Improved artwork. -Added live tile functionality (medium, large, and wide tiles)

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