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Олег · 8/6/2015

One of my favorite. It looks excellent, sounds cool, and in the meantime it gives me high frame rate. A lot of levels, from very easy ones to really hard.

User · 2/26/2015

Do not like. Stresses me out. Not fun too much like work.

Nukkeldragr · 5/22/2012

Will not launch. Every other game/app launches no problem, but when you try to launch, the screen goes dark, then it comes back to game selection again. I LOVED the first version, but after buying "swarm", now the FIRST version won't launch either. A real shame.

Cristian · 5/11/2015

Got an achievement that I unlocked and did not sync to Xbox. Cannot unlock the achievement again, even if I reinstall the game. Really annoying:(

Gilad · 3/10/2015

Good and challenging, but I have one gripe, would it be so tough for the developers to add a "replay" buttons after a level is done, So you can try to play it again? It's a pretty annoying oversight

Colin · 3/3/2015

What I love about this game is that it genuinely makes me think. To figure out how to beat a level, I draw it on paper and go off into a corner and try to figure it out (after being beaten about a trillion times, usually). I cannot think of any other game that does this for me, except for games that existed pre PC, like chess and draughts. Truly this is the thinking person's tower defense game. Sequel please!!!!!

Jon · 2/21/2015

Easy to pick up and addicting

Kurtis · 9/1/2014

Fun game. Wouldn't mind a sequel.

Drew · 8/23/2014

So much fun! I've beaten every single level over & over and still I cannot stop playing. A truly great game! Exciting 2D graphics. Only complaint is there aren't enough levels. I would absolutely pay $ for either more levels, an expansion pack, or a sequel to this game! (The original GeoDefense doesn't count either. Good game but different gameplay and logistics. )

Jeff · 3/18/2014

Far too difficult above the easy maps. I've just about given up on it, after playing the same map dozens of times. It's time to take this game off the 1.0 version. It's too bad, as it would be an awesome game with fantastic gameplay otherwise, but as it is currently, its just a twisted joke.


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