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Karel · 12/15/2012

Nice but crashing after second run until phone restart

Brad · 3/13/2015

Fun, addictive, and challenging. I get bugged by tower placement sometimes though. You need to drag them into place. If you accidentally tap the tower when buying it, it places it in a useless spot on the side of the map.

Magical · 11/2/2014

It's a good game but some levels are really hard due to the fact that it's hard to see what's going on with all the light/explosion effects.

Timothy · 10/22/2014

I don't normally play games on my phone but I've had a tough time putting this one down, it is addicting! Easy to learn, hard to master, and very entertaining. Five stars!

Michael · 10/3/2014

Classic tower defense meets geometry wars. Fantastic game! Addicting and fun for all skill levels.

Drew · 8/23/2014

So much fun! I've beaten every single level over & over and still I cannot stop playing. A truly great game! Exciting 2D graphics. Only complaint is there aren't enough levels. I would absolutely pay $ for either more levels, an expansion pack, or a sequel to this game! (GeoDefense Swarm doesn't count either. Good game but different gameplay and logistics. )

Brian · 8/8/2014

Amazingly addictive. Difficult without online guide, but so much fun.

Thaddeus · 4/10/2014

A basic but decent tower defense game. I like the visual aesthetics, and the basic sounds are satisfying. Total game time is a little short, and most of the levels are fairly easy. The laser canons occasionally seem a bit over powered. On the whole, I enjoyed my time in game, but was left wanting a little more.

Micho · 4/6/2014

This game is super addicting!!! Can't get enough of it!

Tyson · 2/14/2014

Game has a nice progression from easy to difficult, but levels take far too long to play for a mobile phone game meant to be played in 2-5 minute down times. When I have more time to waste I play this game while I wait for bots to refresh in QONQR... BTW: QONQR = Addiction. Techno-themed RISK for your mobile device. 3 factions war for supremacy. LEGION Red is a cagey underdog with the best teamwork. Clever team-focused players looking for a fun are happiest in Legion. GAME TIP: regardless of Faction: No other player can protect you, BUT a good strategy + a good team to coordinate with will serve you the best. When you install, join Legion and list "F3NR0AR" (o is a zer0) as your recruiter and he'll contact you with strategy tips to help you grow & have a lot of FUN in a great team


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