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Talon · 8/27/2015
Passable at best.

Works okay, and it's neat to be able to customize the license plate. My main problem with the app is that after getting it, I couldn't customize my car in game anymore, it had to be done from the app. All of the features of this app should have been present in the game already, rather than porting it over to a mobile app (especially since the game is $70 CAD).

stephen · 8/14/2015
glitch as heck

100k per license plate say what?

Thomas · 2/19/2015
Who knows

Very basic. No easy way to use ls customs with multiple cars. Nothing that useful to own app. Better in game

n · 9/25/2014
Not working

I have used this app before and it was working fine, but now it's not even loading. Just goes to background screen and that's it. Please fix!

Alex · 7/11/2014
Has potential

It has the potential to be a really great app. However I sometimes get connection issues (which may be my laptops fault because it keeps using proxy servers which screws all of my apps up) and it won't load the Los Santos Customs (which again may be my proxy failure). I give this app a 4 star out of 5 star because it is really interesting to have and adds new features to the game itself.

Zachary · 6/27/2014
License Plate

That's the only good reason to get this app, because training Chop takes awhile, and you need to have the app open while on the game, which is irritating when you have a computer.

Ulises · 4/30/2014
Needs more

I've experienced no problem with the app. But it's to bland and feels pretty worthless. All I say is it needs more uses, functions and features.

Jon · 4/12/2014
Good & Useful app But...

it dose not have all the options like the DLC and Crew parts and Customizing Options witch would make it more useful, more so if it had sample images

Jonathan · 3/21/2014

Sure, having the ability to customize a license plate and do more stuff with Chop can be fun, but when everything continues to Force Close when you attempt something as simple as trying to add the new license plate to a different vehicle, you become excruciatingly annoyed. Also, the app claims that I have vehicles that I sold or destroyed a while ago. This app has a long way to go before it will ever become a good asset to the Grand Theft Auto V experience, starting with the Force-Closing issue, then with the accurate and up-to-date listing of personal vehicles.

Sam · 3/6/2014
Works... Kind of... ok once it worked

First login worked no problem and its ok for what it is, a simple companion app for a good game. How ever like others I can no longer log in. no matter how many password resets I do. I keep getting the sign in failed pop up.


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